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We love blogging about two main categories - personal finance and food.

If you are ready to be successful in your own personal finance journey then we have some great tips and calculators for you in the personal finance section. We have moved across continents, paid our way through graduate degrees, and successfully switched careers. At the same time, we have been working hard toward achieving our financial goals. We want to share some of the things that worked for us in making progress toward our financial goals, and things that didn’t, in the hope that it will help you do the same. Be frugal, save regularly, invest deliberately, and live consciously. Follow this mantra and you will be on the path of financial success in YOUR personal finance journey.

In the recipes section, we share awesome recipes. These recipes have been tested in our kitchen so many times so you don’t have to. Make them in your kitchen knowing that you will love them! Please sign up for our newsletter and also subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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Love and Peace to all.
Oh, and Happy Living!

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