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I am Avanti, the face and mind behind FoodLifeAndMoney. I am super passionate about two things – Food and Finance.

Through FoodLifeAndMoney, I want to bring you the best of both – Delicious Recipes and Financial Education that will help you build wealth.

I am an investment analyst with an MBA in finance and a CFA charter. What that means is I have spent 2000+ hours studying finance. I have read hundreds of books on personal finance and wealth building, and spend countless hours researching and analyzing investments. And…, I can talk endlessly about wealth-building.

I am also a mom with a super-crazy schedule. I try to make simple recipes.. well…, mostly simple. There are times when I like to indulge and make elaborate meals. I bring to you some of my favorites. I like to be in and out of the kitchen in an hour. So… most of my recipes are quick.

If you are interested in either of those topics, you are in the right place. Nothing boring happening here 🙂

My site is organized in two easy sections – personal finance and recipes. I also have some free financial calculators for you if you are interested.

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