Homemade Butter and Buttermilk Recipe

Homemade butter tastes delicious. You can use this homemade butter recipe to prepare fresh butter for baking or add in a few herbs and make delicious flavored butter for your homemade breads. The basic homemade butter recipe is very easy to make. All you need is heavy whipping cream and a stand mixer. However, make

Chocolate Monkey Bread Recipe

The name monkey bread comes from the fact that this bread is a pull-apart bread and you would pick it apart with your fingers like a monkey would. This delicious gooey monkey bread is made from scratch. I have used my Zojirushi bread maker to make the dough but you can very easily use a

Eggless Pineapple Upside Down Cake Recipe

Pineapple upside down cake is my favorite cake to bake. I made it this year for my daughter’s birthday. She was so excited to bake and wanted to help me with it. The great thing about this cake is that is looks perfectly decorated and needs no fancy frosting. The prep time is literally 15

Summer Salad with Watermelon, Avocado and Mango Recipe

We have packed three of our favorite fruits in this very refreshing summer salad – watermelon, mango and avocado. The salad is very easy to make and is very nutritious. The great thing about this salad is that it doesn’t require any special dressing. Tastes great as is. We added a little bit of lemon

Homemade Chicken Pineapple Pizza Recipe

Kids love and cherish this Chicken Pizza Recipe with Pineapple. I usually bulk-freeze the  homemade pizza dough so that I can have chicken pizza ready for dinner any time. The only thing to remember is to thaw the dough for a few hours. It only takes a few minutes to put together the pizza. The

Easy Brownie Recipe

We went through several permutations of ingredients to come up with this easy brownie recipe for the best brownies with no eggs. Eggs typically give baked good a nice rise and it’s not easy to get the same texture with replacements. However, try this recipe and we promise you won’t notice the difference. In fact,

Whole Wheat Vegan Mango Pancake Recipe

We made these delicious vegan pancakes for Mother’s Day this year. You can make a non-vegan version by substituting coconut milk with the same amount of milk. We used fresh mangoes since mangoes are in season. However, you can use canned or frozen mangoes. If you are in the United States, look for the sweeter

Vegan Whole Wheat Flour Banana Bread Recipe

Our vegan banana bread recipe is eggless and made without butter. It is made of whole wheat flour. It uses coconut milk but, if you are not vegan, you can substitute coconut milk with regular milk. I have added chocolate chips but you can skip them or add a vegan substitute. Same goes with walnuts,

Eggless Whole Wheat Chocolate-Chip Sourdough Pancake Recipe

These eggless whole-wheat sourdough pancakes are absolutely delicious. They are fluffy just like regular pancakes. The recipe can be easily altered to make vegan pancakes. Just replace milk with coconut milk. I started baking bread at home a few years ago. Recently, when commercial yeast became scarce in stores, I started making my own sourdough

Breadfruit Fries Recipe

Breadfruit Recipe is a typical food of the Coastal regions of India and other Southeast Asian countries and are very popular vegetarian appetizers in these regions. In Goa it is famous as Nirponos. The fruit is green on outside and white from inside. If you wish to, you may explore breadfruit’s health benefits here. The