Digestive Sol Kadhi Recipe

Sol kadhi is a 5 minute No Cook, Digestive and Immunity booster, cool refreshing drink. You may consume it with rice as any other curry. Main ingredient is Kokum or mangosteen herb which is a tropical summer fruit. This herb/fruit is dried and consumed year round. It has a beautiful tangy flavor and many delicious

Goan/Konkani-style Pan-Fried Pomfret Fish Recipe

This fried fish recipe can be had as main course or split as an appetizer. Very easy to make, it is a perfect recipe for a relaxed evening. Crispy on the outside & soft and flaky on the inside! You can pair it with a glass of Prosecco. A must explore recipe if you are

Authentic Goan Pomfret Fish Curry Recipe

Goan curries, fish or vegetarian, are very easy to make. This pomfret fish curry is smooth with little tangy taste from tamarind. Primary ingredient in any Goan fish curry is coconut. Freshly grated coconut makes the best Goan curry, however, you can use frozen coconut if fresh coconut is not available. If using fresh coconut,

Goan Pomfret Fish Curry with Coconut and Ginger Recipe

Coconut is an essential ingredient of Goan cuisine. This fish curry is another easy recipe that is ready in minutes. Freshly grated coconut makes the best Goan curry, however, you can use frozen coconut if fresh coconut is not available. If using fresh coconut, you may want to consider using a coconut scraper. We have

Cucumber Semolina Cake Recipe

This nutritious cucumber semolina cake is very easy to make and is a very popular breakfast item in Konkan and Goa. We make it a day ahead. Made with no eggs, sugar or butter, or white flour, instead we use semolina, jaggery and ghee to make it. If you like this recipe, you may also

Chicken Korma Recipe

Chicken korma is a very mild Indian chicken curry in a creamy cashewnut-based sauce. If you are new to Indian cuisine, this is a safe bet. It’s not too spicy. The cashewnut paste and coconut milk will tone down the spices. I prefer boneless, skinless thighs cut into bite-sized pieces. Thigh meat is more succulent

Baked Mango Yogurt Recipe

You won’t believe how easy and decadent this mango dessert is until you try it. It uses only 3 ingredients. No oven? no problem! Use a pot to create a steamer on the stove top. After you chill the pudding, it sets to a firm consistency. Use whole milk yogurt for a rich taste. I

Shankarpali Recipe

Shankarpali is a traditional Diwali recipe in Maharashtra, Goa and all over India. Shankarpali is also known as shakkar para. These crisp diamond-shaped cookies are a favorite among kids. I can’t think of a word other than the Marathi word “Khuskhushit” to aptly describe these. These are a paramount part of the traditional Diwali faral.

Pav Bhaji Recipe

Pav bhaji is a popular street food in Mumbai. Almost every corner restaurant serves this dish. Is was originally prepared as a quick and easy meal for mill workers in Mumbai. It is very easy to prepare and has a variety of different vegetables. These veggies are mashed and blended with different spices so you

Whole Red Chili Pepper Pickle Recipe

This whole red chili pepper pickle is a great accompaniment to parathas, rotis, and dal rice. The pickle preserves well unrefrigerated for over a year if made the right way. I store all my pickles in a cool dark cabinet. The key to making any pickle and preserving it for a good length of time