Undhiyu Recipe

Undhiyu is a special dish prepared in the western region, Gujarat, of India. It is a time consuming recipe and requires a lot of ingredients. I tried a few different recipes but this is by far the best undhiyu recipe that is also relatively easy to prepare. Widely prepared in the winter months, undhiyu is

Pepper Chicken Recipe

I learned this recipe from a dear friend from Kerala who was also my roommate for two years. Hers was the best pepper chicken recipe I had tasted and so here is my attempt at replicating it. The recipe has a dominant flavor from whole peppercorns. It is a great recipe for winter months and

Chicken Biryani Recipe

Best and Easy Chicken Biryani This is probably the easiest no-hassle biryani I have ever made. You can use either chicken with bones or boneless. My personal preference is for chicken with bones. But since my family prefers boneless, I usually use boneless chicken. It is easier to eat that way. If I am in

Stuffed Pomfret Recipe

Stuffed pomfret recipe is a very popular dish in the coastal regions of India. The fish has a very mild flavor. So if you have never eaten fish and want to try it, I would highly recommend a pomfret. The fish itself cooks in minutes. The stuffing can be made ahead of time. I usually

Paan Laadu Recipe

Paan Laadu Recipe is an easy desert with betel leaves, coconut and condensed milk. It’s my go-to desert recipe when I have no time for elaborate cooking. It is easy, quick and yet delicious recipe. The preparation time is just 10 minutes. Further, the laadus are ready to eat and serve in less than just