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Ginger Cookie Recipe

This ginger cookie recipe is different from the ginger snaps that you find in American stores. These are very similar to ginger nut cookies you will find in England. I first tried them in London and fell in love with them. They taste great dunked in milk or chai. If you like cookies, you will

Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

These chocolate chip cookies are so easy to make. I go through a few batches during holiday season. My family loves these and think that they are the world’s best cookies. They are also perfect to make with your little and thereby build memories while making chocolate chip cookies.  Mix these cookies in a stand

Shankarpali Recipe

Shankarpali is a traditional Diwali recipe in Maharashtra, Goa and all over India. Shankarpali is also known as shakkar para. These crisp diamond-shaped cookies are a favorite among kids. I can’t think of a word other than the Marathi word “Khuskhushit” to aptly describe these. These are a paramount part of the traditional Diwali faral.

Russian Tea Cakes Recipe

Russian tea cakes, also know as Italian wedding cookies or butterballs, are very popular around Christmas. Although they are called cakes, these are actually very crumbly cookies. They almost have a shortbread kind of a texture. I usually make three or four batches to distribute to friends and family. Everyone loves them. These are very