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Eggless Pineapple Upside Down Cake Recipe

Pineapple upside down cake is my favorite cake to bake. I made it this year for my daughter’s birthday. She was so excited to bake and wanted to help me with it. The great thing about this cake is that is looks perfectly decorated and needs no fancy frosting. The prep time is literally 15

Cucumber Semolina Cake Recipe

This nutritious cucumber semolina cake is very easy to make and is a very popular breakfast item in Konkan and Goa. We make it a day ahead. Made with no eggs, sugar or butter, or white flour, instead we use semolina, jaggery and ghee to make it. If you like this recipe, you may also

Easy Brownie Recipe

We went through several permutations of ingredients to come up with this easy brownie recipe for the best brownies with no eggs. Eggs typically give baked good a nice rise and it’s not easy to get the same texture with replacements. However, try this recipe and we promise you won’t notice the difference. In fact,

Vegan Whole Wheat Flour Banana Bread Recipe

Our vegan banana bread recipe is eggless and made without butter. It is made of whole wheat flour. It uses coconut milk but, if you are not vegan, you can substitute coconut milk with regular milk. I have added chocolate chips but you can skip them or add a vegan substitute. Same goes with walnuts,

Watermelon Cake Recipe

This Watermelon Cake Recipe is deliciously divine. Watermelon is one of my favorites. This no egg, no flour and no sugar based cake is very unique. The recipe uses jaggery instead of sugar and semolina or rava instead of flour. Most international markets sell jaggery powder. Nuts are optional but they do add a nice

Jackfruit Cake Recipe

Jackfruit cake takes me back to my childhood. We spent every summer vacation at my aaji’s house in Goa. Summer also meant ripe Mancurad mangoes, jackfruit, wild berries, and traditional homemade fruit roll-ups, pickles, and papad. One such traditional recipe my grandma use to make is phansacha dhondas, or a sweet jackfruit cake. She used

Mawa Cake Recipe

This warm soft cake with cardamom and nutmeg reminds me of Parsi bakeries in Mumbai. Merwan’s bakery has the best mawa cakes and this recipe is as close as I could get to those. The cake has a dense texture from mawa or milk solids and yet tastes light and heavenly. This cake is perfect

British Christmas Pudding Recipe

Traditionally, this British Christmas pudding is prepared about a month before Christmas and fed with alcohol to keep it from spoilage. I prefer to steam the pudding a day before Christmas but some prefer to bake it in a water-bath. If you wish to make a non-alcoholic version, soak the fruit in orange juice a