Cucumber Semolina Cake Recipe

This nutritious cucumber semolina cake is very easy to make and is a very popular breakfast item in Konkan and Goa. We make it a day ahead. Made with no eggs, sugar or butter, or white flour, instead we use semolina, jaggery and ghee to make it. If you like this recipe, you may also

Whole Wheat Vegan Mango Pancake Recipe

We made these delicious vegan pancakes for Mother’s Day this year. You can make a non-vegan version by substituting coconut milk with the same amount of milk. We used fresh mangoes since mangoes are in season. However, you can use canned or frozen mangoes. If you are in the United States, look for the sweeter

Eggless Whole Wheat Chocolate-Chip Sourdough Pancake Recipe

These eggless whole-wheat sourdough pancakes are absolutely delicious. They are fluffy just like regular pancakes. The recipe can be easily altered to make vegan pancakes. Just replace milk with coconut milk. I started baking bread at home a few years ago. Recently, when commercial yeast became scarce in stores, I started making my own sourdough

Watermelon Cake Recipe

This Watermelon Cake Recipe is deliciously divine. Watermelon is one of my favorites. This no egg, no flour and no sugar based cake is very unique. The recipe uses jaggery instead of sugar and semolina or rava instead of flour. Most international markets sell jaggery powder. Nuts are optional but they do add a nice

Jackfruit Cake Recipe

Jackfruit cake takes me back to my childhood. We spent every summer vacation at my aaji’s house in Goa. Summer also meant ripe Mancurad mangoes, jackfruit, wild berries, and traditional homemade fruit roll-ups, pickles, and papad. One such traditional recipe my grandma use to make is phansacha dhondas, or a sweet jackfruit cake. She used

Sheera Recipe

Explore this Sheera Recipe and I bet it will melt in your mouth. Sheera, also known as Sooji ka halva, is officially the most popular breakfast recipe in our household. I make it about once a week, sometimes even twice. It is loaded with ghee. Add fruits and nuts to make it more delicious.  The