Personal Finance

Are you ready to be successful in your own personal finance journey? Then read along. We have moved across continents, paid our way through graduate degrees, and successfully switched careers. At the same time, we have been working hard toward achieving our financial goals. We want to share some of the things that worked for us in making progress toward our financial goals, and things that didn’t, in the hope that it will help you do the same. Be frugal, save regularly, invest deliberately, and live consciously. Follow this mantra and you will be on the path of financial success in YOUR personal finance journey.


How to become rich and stay rich

Do you want to learn how to become rich and stay rich? Here’s a list of some of the biggest financial mistakes people make, leaving them poorer, less prepared for retirement or for unforeseen circumstances. If you want to be wealthy, and ready for any curve balls life throws at you, follow these principles. 1.

What are ETFs?

An ETF or an exchange traded fund is a collection of securities that trades on an exchange. Even though there are some similarities between ETFs and mutual funds, ETFs are a whole different category. ETFs were first introduced in the United States in 1993 and since then the assets under different ETFs have gone up

What Is A Mutual Fund

Mutual Fund Calculator Mutual Fund Expense Calculator Initial Investment Annual Contribution to the Fund Investment Horizon Estimated Rate of Return Front-End Load Back-End Load Total Operating Expenses Other Fees and Commissions Fund Converts? Conversion Year Post-Conversion Operating Expenses Calculate Fees Reset Mutual Fund Cost Breakdown Operating Expenses $600 Sales Charge $400 Deferred Sales Charge $400

Retirement Calculator

This retirement calculator will help you estimate how much you can potentially save by the time you retire. The inputs to this calculator are your current age, target retirement age, current savings in retirement accounts, your monthly contribution to your retirement account, and an estimated rate of return you expect to achieve on your retirement

Efficient Market Hypothesis

Let me begin by saying that this is just a hypothesis. There are people who believe in it and there are those who disagree with it. Then, there are those who believe in some version of it. The premise of the Efficient Market Hypothesis or EMH is that in an efficient market, current prices of

What is a Brokerage account

A brokerage account is a taxable account that holds financial assets such as stocks, bonds, ETFs, money market funds, REITs, etc., on behalf of an investor. These assets are owned by the investor and not by the brokerage firm. The brokerage firm only acts as a custodian. The brokerage may charge some fees to provide

How to Start Investing

If you have never made investment decisions before, the trickiest question is how to start investing. Where do you start? What are your investment options? How much should I invest in each investment class? Are there any systematic strategies? I am going to try to answer some of these questions. Debt First and foremost, I

What is My Net Worth?

Net worth is a measure of your financial well-being. It will help you track how close you are to your financial goals. In isolation, it gives you some sense of how wealthy you are. But if you track it quarterly or even annually, it should tell you whether you are getting close to or far

Money Market Accounts

If you have a large sum of money that you don’t wish to risk yet would also like to earn some interest, money market account is the answer. Most online banks offer money market accounts to their customers. They generally pay higher interest rates or annual percentage yields (APY) than your regular checking and savings

Buying a Home

Whether you are buying your first home or are a seasoned buyer of real estate investments, the process can be both exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Following this simple checklist will help you get things in order and make the process enjoyable. I assume that you will be taking on a mortgage to