Personal Finance

Are you ready to be successful in your own personal finance journey? Then read along. We have moved across continents, paid our way through graduate degrees, and successfully switched careers. At the same time, we have been working hard toward achieving our financial goals. We want to share some of the things that worked for us in making progress toward our financial goals, and things that didn’t, in the hope that it will help you do the same. Be frugal, save regularly, invest deliberately, and live consciously. Follow this mantra and you will be on the path of financial success in YOUR personal finance journey.


What is a 401k

There are several options available to save for retirement. Broadly speaking, retirement savings can be categorized into defined-contribution plans such as 401k and IRAs and defined-benefit plans. Both categories are exactly what they sound like. A pension plan is a defined-benefit plan, where your employer pays you a defined amount each month post-retirement. A defined-contribution

Investment Policy Statement

So, what are your investment objectives? If you say, “to make a lot of money”, that won’t be an appropriate goal. It is too open-ended to provide realistic guidance for specific investments and time horizons. A goal that is specific and quantifiable can help periodically evaluate how close or far from it. However, a general

Portfolio Management

Asset Allocation I am going to start the blog with the basics of portfolio management. We will expand on this in upcoming blogs. Risk drives return in a portfolio and this is the reason one needs to focus on managing risk to be able to better manage returns. In this article, we will talk about