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What is a 401k

There are several options available to save for retirement. Broadly speaking, retirement savings can be categorized into defined-contribution plans such as 401k and IRAs and defined-benefit plans. Both categories are exactly what they sound like. A pension plan is a defined-benefit plan, where your employer pays you a defined amount each month post-retirement. A defined-contribution

Investment Policy Statement

So, what are your investment objectives? If you say, “to make a lot of money”, that won’t be an appropriate goal. It is too open-ended to provide realistic guidance for specific investments and time horizons. A goal that is specific and quantifiable can help periodically evaluate how close or far from it. However, a general

Portfolio Management

Asset Allocation I am going to start the blog with the basics of portfolio management. We will expand on this in upcoming blogs. Risk drives return in a portfolio and this is the reason one needs to focus on managing risk to be able to better manage returns. In this article, we will talk about