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How much do I Need to Retire – Retirement Savings Calculator

Did you know that nearly 45% of Americans that retired last year did so because of health problems, to care for a family member or because they were forced to retire. 64% of working Americans are not on track to retire comfortably. This number is even higher in minorities. Do you have money saved if

Best side hustles

If you are looking to become financially independent, a good way to get there is to have multiple sources of income. In this article, I share different side hustles that you can start today. Each of them has different investment requirements in terms of time or money and also have different earning potentials. Be sure

Stock Market Crashes and The 2020 Coronavirus-related crash

In light of the latest COVID-19 outbreak, and the recent oil price-war, the world is seeing another ongoing stock market crash that started in February of 2020. Many states (and some countries) have declared a state of emergency. Business has slowed down, many small businesses have come to a standstill. Analysts have lowered their expectations

Car affordability Calculator: How much car can I afford?

A car is probably the first biggest purchase of your life and perhaps the second biggest in your lifetime. The biggest purchase being your house. So when you ask the question how much car can I afford, the purchase price of the car and the monthly installments are not the only factors that you need

Debt Calculator

Are you burdened by a mountain of debt? Is it a constant struggle for you to be debt-free? Are you stressing over whether you will ever get out of your debt? Or perhaps, you are great at managing your debt but have a little extra money to pay towards your debt. Whatever the reason, use

What are ETFs?

An ETF or an exchange traded fund is a collection of securities that trades on an exchange. Even though there are some similarities between ETFs and mutual funds, ETFs are a whole different category. ETFs were first introduced in the United States in 1993 and since then the assets under different ETFs have gone up

What Is A Mutual Fund

Mutual Fund Calculator Mutual Fund Expense Calculator Initial Investment Annual Contribution to the Fund Investment Horizon Estimated Rate of Return Front-End Load Back-End Load Total Operating Expenses Other Fees and Commissions Fund Converts? Conversion Year Post-Conversion Operating Expenses Calculate Fees Reset Mutual Fund Cost Breakdown Operating Expenses $600 Sales Charge $400 Deferred Sales Charge $400

Retirement Calculator

This retirement calculator will help you estimate how much you can potentially save by the time you retire. The inputs to this calculator are your current age, target retirement age, current savings in retirement accounts, your monthly contribution to your retirement account, and an estimated rate of return you expect to achieve on your retirement

Efficient Market Hypothesis

Let me begin by saying that this is just a hypothesis. There are people who believe in it and there are those who disagree with it. Then, there are those who believe in some version of it. The premise of the Efficient Market Hypothesis or EMH is that in an efficient market, current prices of

What is a Brokerage account

A brokerage account is a taxable account that holds financial assets such as stocks, bonds, ETFs, money market funds, REITs, etc., on behalf of an investor. These assets are owned by the investor and not by the brokerage firm. The brokerage firm only acts as a custodian. The brokerage may charge some fees to provide