Food Life And Money

My friends have come to me seeking investment advice. I ask them, “What’s your investment philosophy? How do you manage your money?” and the common theme in their answers is “I get a monthly salary, a small portion of which goes into my 401k plan. I pay my bills and put the rest away in my bank account.” While this may have worked for you, you are losing the opportunity of making your money work for you. If this has been your typical philosophy, this blog may be able to help you make wiser investment decisions.

I am passionate about three things in life – food, investments and helping others. I love cooking and eating different cuisines. Sometimes the sheer thought of making a dish is enough to get me out of bed early and get moving. My daughter is a picky eater and so I have to experiment a lot in my kitchen to make my daughter, my biggest critic, happy. I want to share with you everything that has worked for me in my home and life as a mother, wife, and a working investment professional.

As a financial analyst with a large corporation, I manage close to half a billion US dollars. Before getting my MBA in finance and the CFA charter, I used to be an engineer. Perhaps because of my engineering background, I have a very methodical and systematic approach to investing in my personal life as well. I want to share with you my approach and experiences in personal finance with the hope that it helps you. Please read the disclaimer, terms & conditions, and privacy policy before reading my blog.

Love and Peace to all.
Oh, and Happy Living!